Shadows among the Ruins


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ISBN: 978-1-60381-834-6
Retail Price: $12.95
194 pages


Forensic psychologist Jemimah Hodge is much in demand for her keen understanding of the criminal mind. So much in demand, in fact, that she decides to escape the pressure by moving from L.A. to New Mexico to take a job with the local sheriff’s office. She expects that her duties will be limited to assessing petty criminals and reporting her findings to the court.


Jemimah had hoped to find a simpler life on her small ranch, located in the juniper-covered foothills of the Ortiz Mountains south of Santa Fe. A cowgirl at heart, she envisioned a place where she could spend more time in a saddle than a chair. Instead she finds herself knee deep in an investigation of a series of gruesome murders that took place right smack in the center of an ancient Indian pueblo.


This case will not only test Jemimah’s mettle, but also tug at her heartstrings. Now she must work side by side with Detective Rick Romero, a true ‘hey let me be the cop’ kind of guy with a soft spot for a pretty lady on an Appaloosa horse.

3 comments on “Shadows among the Ruins

  1. Doug Roberts on said:

    This is a great read and the book is well written. The author’s writing is terse. The colorful, narrative really pulls the reader into the story– I found it very difficult to put the book down once I got going. I especially enjoyed the character development of Jemimah, the two detectives and the villains. There is a terrific, unexpected twist at the end. I also appreciated the descriptions of Santa Fe, Cerrillos and the Ortiz Mountains. I understand there may be a sequel and I can hardly wait to pick up where I left off at the end of Shadows among the Ruins. I highly recommend this book.

  2. Ingrid Dubberke on said:

    I enjoyed reading “Shadows among the Ruins” on a recent trip to Santa Fe, one of our favorite destinations. I was disappointed, however, that the Opera or Chamber Music Festivals were not mentioned at all while the various markets (which we have also enjoyed over the years) were. On page 180, the very last page, there are two glaring errors: 1.) Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, with an “a”. A capitol is a building. 2.) The city of Brasilia is located in the middle of the country. There are no beaches for a thousand miles (at least) in any direction.

    • Thank you, Ingrid! I’m glad you enjoyed the book. The sequel, Deadly Deception, comes out in October. I hope you will read that one also. Thank you also for calling the errors to my attention. I’ll make sure they are fixed. Being a desert dweller, the beach error was a bad one!

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