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Marie Romero Cash was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to a family that would eventually number seven children, and has lived there most of her life. After graduating from Santa Fe High School, she took a job as a legal secretary, a field that would provide a lifetime of employment. But then, in her mid-thirties, she discovered the traditional arts of northern New Mexico. After twenty years of creating award-winning art, she began to write about it, but decided she needed a higher education to do so. At fifty she enrolled in college and, five years later, graduated with a degree in Southwest Studies. In 1998, she received the prestigious Javits Fellowship to pursue her education.  Since then Marie has written several books about the art and culture of the southwest, including a memoir about growing up in Santa Fe. This novel, her first mystery, is based on the ranch where she spent a lot of time during her marriage to a cowboy. “Don’t get me wrong,” she says, “I’m the last person you would ever picture on a ranch. The alligator boots I purchased in 1987 still look like new!” You can find Marie on the Web at MarieRomeroCash.camelpress.com.

3 comments on “About the Author

  1. Jack Remick on said:

    Hi Marie,
    Okay, it took me a while to get it off my reading stack but I have finished Shadows Among the Ruins. It’s a good read. Your choice of Borderline Brenda as killer is a good fit for the introspective, escaped Mormon, and loveless Jemimah. Nice backstory on J with her love-quests going bad. I liked the Killer-Sleuth archetypal scene at the climax and I liked the way you ran the Molly plot track all the way to the end with Molly emerging as a Gal’s Best Friend. Nice touch.
    Sonja surprised me. The epilogue in Brazil. Very good.
    I hope your mystery is moving out there and that you’re enjoying the author’s good life.
    Take care and best wishes with your next adventure. Does Jemimah come back in a series? Or is she out of the picture in favor of Romero?
    Thanks for writing Shadows Among the Ruins.
    Jack Remick

  2. Hi Matthew – you can contact me at mromerocash@msn.co

  3. Marcela Gutierrez on said:

    I finally read Mariachi Murders. Enjoyed it as much as I did the other 3. I hope you write some more mysteries or some other novels. I, along with some of my volunteer friends at the National Hispanic Cultural Center,(NHCC), are looking forward to your visit in October.from what I understand from our leader, Anna Uremovich. Some of the volunteers did not know that you were an artist of many talents, not just writing books.

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