Treasure among the Shadows

“Jemimah Hodge has guts, heart and a brilliant sense of direction when she’s on the trail of something buried. Cash delivers a thrilling ride from start to finish. Riveting.”

— Chris Rogers, author, the Dixie Flannigan series

“The essence of northern New Mexico—Santa Fe, Taos, the Enchanted Circle, Chimayo, Espanola, Ojo Caliente, Georgia O’Keefe’s beloved Abiquiu—permeates the pages of this nonstop murder mystery starring Forensic Psychologist Jemimah Hodge and her sidekick lawman lover. The trail of death leads from a corpse at a casino to a second corpse loaded with clues that pull us into the back story revelation—when she died, Victim Number Two was in the midst of a sexual rebirth. Congratulations to Marie Romero Cash, for painting new shades into the rich New Mexico canvas.”

—Robert J. Ray, author of the Matt Murdock Mystery series

Deadly Deception

“A superb investigative thriller …. Readers will appreciate this entertaining whodunit”

—Harriet Klausner

Shadows among the Ruins

“Shadows among the Ruins is a fast-paced and old-school fun mystery read, highly recommended.”

—Midwest Book Review

“This ‘who-done-it’ has cops, a surprise ending, great dialog, and stunning vistas. This is the kind of book to dive into in front of a fire or to take on a plane and tune everything out.”

Tradición Revista Magazine

“Cash is an author who knows Santa Fe inside and out, from its Canyon Road art dealers selling million-dollar paintings to its drug-dealing bar scene and hard-working cops. She’s not afraid to pile up the dead bodies and sling the slang around.”

—Wolf Schneider, Reviewer for New Mexico Magazine and former Editor-in-Chief of the Santa Fean

“Marie Romero Cash writes about Santa Fe with a local’s razor-sharp insights, and peoples her exciting mystery with a gallery of colorful, authentic New Mexico characters. The plot moves with the speed and force of a Southwestern thunderstorm.”

—Kirk Ellis, Co-Executive Producer/Screenwriter, HBO’s John Adams

“A gifted writer has entered the ranks of the best of Southwest Mystery Writers. From the first chapters I found myself caught up in the action, stifling a catch in my throat, actually hyperventilating. This book has the kick of a high-powered rifle.”

—Tal Streeter, sculptor and author of many books, including A Kite Journey through India, Art of the Japanese Kite, and Paper Wings Over Japan

Shadows among the Ruins is a great read whose real characters and honest dialog capture the intrigue of New Mexico. Throw in a great plot with a surprise ending, and mystery lovers will be clamoring for the sequel. Marie Romero Cash has taken the gift for prose she demonstrated in Lowrider Blues and applied it to the mystery genre with spectacular results.”

—J. Michael Orenduff, Author, The Pot Thief Murder Mystery Series

Shadows among the Ruins will compel some Southwestern mystery writers take another look at their own work.  Marie Cash made me sit up and take notice. Her come-along plot made me miss dinner, but it was worth it. Now, after I get something to eat, I’m going to read it again. You have to like this book.”

—Forrest Fenn, Santa Fe resident and owner of San Lazaro Pueblo, the setting for Shadows. He has written eight books on history, art, and archaeology.

Shadows among the Ruins is a good read. Set in the American Southwest, the novel uses the landscape as a character. The author knows how to pace a mystery, how to develop suspense, how to build a backstory and she’s not afraid of a little blood.”

—Jack Remick, author of Blood, The Deification, and Valley Boy

“I loved reading Shadows Among the Ruins! I kept hoping the detective and the psychologist would get together, but alas, they didn’t, so I’m looking forward to reading the sequel, where I understand they become a couple. I’m just an old romantic. The book is great.”

—Virginia Fryer, San Francisco

“Your talents are many and I really enjoyed the book.  The first great thing I valued was  that historically speaking  you used so many real places around Santa Fe that I am familiar with, and happen to love these areas.  Secondly, it was a great cast of characters, and a real ‘who done it’ right up to the end.  It certainly held my attention, and hated to put the book down. Good job, dear friend.  You are a good AUTHOR!”

–Peg Pokrifcsak, Dallas



2 comments on “Praise

  1. Jeff Simecek on said:

    “Shadows Among the Ruins kept me right on the edge of my seat. Wow, what a ride! I enjoyed the in-depth description of the New Mexico landscape, of items in rooms, all the interesting little details. The short chapters just added to the suspense. I finished in record time and Steve is on his last few pages. He hasn’t put it down either.
    Congrats, Bravo, Cheers! We are so proud of your accomplishment. When is the next installment? We’re waiting…”
    Jeff Simecek & Steven Baker, friends of Marie Romero Cash
    Austin & Santa Fe

  2. Chuck and Jan Rosenak on said:

    Marie: Meant to contact you sooner, but our computer was down for a few days. We loved the book, especially reading about Santa Fe and your characters. Looking forward to the sequel!

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