Well, I must say that the jury’s verdict issued today in the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando, Florida  astounded anyone who took the time to tune in to any of the major news channels.  This case played out for three years in the media. As the verdict was read, bells started ringing in everyone’s head. Did they hear right? Did the jury just find her NOT GUILTY on all of the major charges? In everyone’s mind, which probably included the defense attorneys, there was absolutely no way the jury was going to return anything but a Guilty on all counts charge.  Unfortunately, the ghost of murders past surfaced again by providing a jury who mimicked those assigned the O.J. Simpson trial.

The Anthony family was trashed numerous times from the beginning to the end of the trial. Casey Anthony claimed a multitude of unbelievable events which included being molested as a child by both her father and her brother, that her daughter Caylee had drowned and her father George Anthony had hidden the body, and the largest of which was that the imaginary nanny had kidnapped the child.  There is no backtracking on this verdict. She will probably get away with time served and soon be out on the streets, resuming her party life where she left off.  Like O.J., she will have to face that great jury in the sky, after which they will probably burn in hell together. That’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

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